Shades of Gay


It was now or never, and the idea of never hurt too much…

Seventeen-year-old Arthur Jensen has never kissed another boy. The small town he lives in thrives on gossip, and he has enough problems fitting in being Jewish and mainly fatherless.

Then handsome, muscular Mitch moves in next door. For the first time ever, Arthur decides to pursue an actual relationship. At first the boys keep it to themselves, but soon that isn’t enough for Arthur. Mitch is afraid to come out, but Arthur can’t stand to keep their relationship in the closet. When the boys decide to declare their love openly, the whole school turns on them in ways they never expected.

They just wanted to be happy. That was their “sin”.


I spent the summer of 2008 helping Gavri’el overcome suicidal feelings. She thought there was something wrong with her because she was not heterosexual. Fortunately, she survived and is now exploring her true gender identity.

Many LGBT youth are not as lucky. A third of the suicides in this country are related to LGBT issues. People not accepting themselves, people being thrown out of their homes or cut off from their families when they come out, kids being bullied because they are perceived as LGBT.

These losses are tragic, and we must do something to stop them.

I am writing Shades of Gay in the hopes that LGBT youth will feel less alone and alienated. I am also planning on donating 10% of book sales to the Trevor Project, the only LGBT-oriented suicide hotline in the United States.

No-one deserves to suffer to the point of wanting to die simply because of who s/he is.


Shades of Gay is available as an Ebook as well as in print.

EBook Editions

Amazon Kindle:

GLBT Bookshelf – Ebook:

ALL Ebook Editions are $9.99


Narrow Path Publishing: ($19.99)

All purchases from Narrow Path Publishing include autographs from Stephanie Silberstein and Hadassah D Gavi Chayim


Press Releases

January 24, 2011 Shades of Gay Comes Out – Book Signing Event To Be Held At Royal Bean Coffee House

December 26, 2010 – New LGBT Novel Offers Readers Hope

September 2, 2010 – New LGBTQ Novel Features Asexual Sidekick

August 22, 2010 – New LGBTQ Novel to Feature Local Transgender Artist’s Work




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